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Our qualified members* now have the option to begin the new and improved IMBRA process. If you successfully complete the process and your forms are approved by the administrator, you will have the option to send "Intimacy Requests" to the ladies. This level of communication allows you to send your contact information to the ladies of your choice through the correspondence on the site and plan your in-person meetings with the ladies. Each lady needs to approve such requests before any information can be sent. It is completely at each lady's discretion whether to release her information to you or meet you in person. The type of information released by a lady is ultimately at her total discretion as well. IPGI makes no representation or warranty as to what information, if any, a lady will be willing to provide at any given time or in any given circumstance. The sale of FNC contact information is NOT a service of IPGI.

If you are qualified, you can start completing your Acknowledgement of Services Received and IMBRA Attestation forms. There is a $49.00 processing fee, which is a one-time charge for processing your forms and performing various checks. This fee is non-refundable. If you need to re-submit, correct or update any of the forms, there is no additional fee. Some states may require additional steps that you must complete on your own and at your own expense.

To start the process, simply follow the steps in "Your IMBRA Checklist" provided below. You can check the status of your forms in "Your IMBRA Checklist" below. Your name will also be checked in the National Sex Offenders' Registry once you complete your forms. Other Checks depending upon your state of residence may be required. If your forms are approved and there are no issues with the National Sex Offenders' Registry, your IMBRA Status in the "Your IMBRA Checklist" will change to "approved". This means you can start sending "Intimacy Requests" to the ladies.

Once the documents you submit are reviewed and accepted, a new icon will appear in the ladies profile cards in all searches in place of the Intro Letter icon. To submit an Intimacy Request click the icon on the appropriate lady's profile card and then click "Submit Request" if you want to proceed. When you submit the request, 100 credits will be charged to your account. If the lady denies your request, the credits will be refunded to your account.

Once you have submitted the request, the lady will be notified and the translated version of your Client Attestation form as well as the results of the search in the National Sex Offenders' Registry will become available to her. She may request additional documentation depending upon your state of residence. After she has reviewed your documents, she will have an option to accept or decline your request. This may take up to two weeks.

You can view all your Intimacy Requests and their status from your BlackBook. Go to the BlackBook tab on the upper navigation bar, then select Intimacy Requests from the drop-down menu called "Show Me". A gray icon Request Pending means your request is pending. A green icon Request Approved means your request has been approved and you can start sending each other information. A red icon Request Denied means your request has been denied.

Need assistance in planning the trip to meet your special lady in person?

Once you are a Qualified Member*, please complete the IMBRA and intimacy request process as detailed on the IMBRA page. From that point forward, our Travel Concierge will help you contact the local agency to arrange and coordinate an in-person meeting with the lady of your choice (with her consent of course).

Please bear in mind that many of the ladies do prefer to arrange the first meetings through their agency. Safety in a concern for the ladies on the site as much as it is for gentlemen and the agencies offer a way for all parties to meet in a safer, non-threatening and more comfortable environment than blind meet-ups could provide.

Our Travel Concierge and the lady's local agency can both assist you with your travel accommodations, as well as any additional services you may require during your trip. Need a translator or driver, an apartment or hotel room, theater tickets or dinner reservations? The Travel Concierge can refer you to the local agencies, who will arrange all that for you, and more!

Examples of commonly requested services include: pick-up/drop-off at a local airport, arranged meetings with a lady, interpreters, ground transportation, and hotel or apartment accommodations. Even if you don't see what you need on this list, ask our Travel Concierge or the local agency about what you're looking for and it's likely they can help you to arrange it for your trip.

Please be aware that the International marriage Agencies we work with are Independent, contracted companies and may have separate fees associated with their services.

You can contact our Travel Concierge now to get started:

* As defined by our Terms and Conditions, Qualified Members are those members who currently have a Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership and who have used a minimum of 1,000 credits throughout the duration of their membership. Please look under "Qualification Status" in "Your IMBRA Checklist" to see if you are qualified.

We have lowered the credit requirement to 1,000 credits used!

Congratulations on your decision to establish direct contact and possibly even meet with your potential soul mate! Once you establish direct contact, you will be able to enjoy completely unfiltered chat and email correspondence with consenting contacts on our website. However, keep in mind that even though chat and email will no longer be screened and filtered, our Terms of Use are still in effect and we ask that you report any violations to us as soon as possible. As a reminder:
  • Ladies may not ask gentlemen for gifts or money.
  • Neither gentlemen nor ladies may send vulgar, harassing or threatening messages to other members.
  • Gentlemen may not send financial information, such as account numbers or money transfer confirmation numbers, through the website.
Remember to use common sense and if anything seems unusual or out of the ordinary, contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to check it out.

Please also remember that all members use our service of their own free will and no one using the site should ever feel compelled by another member to do something they are not comfortable with. This means, if you are asked for a gift or money, you may refuse if you do not wish to send this. Additionally, if a member asks you to give out your personal contact information, you are under no obligation to provide this if you do not wish to. Such decisions are entirely up to the members involved and we can neither guarantee their response nor force them to change their mind.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Members who have travelled to FSU Countries have run into issues using our website services after arriving. We have since developed a method to allow full access to our system for our paid and IMBRA-approved members when they are travelling. If you are visiting Ukraine or Russia, please send an email to or after you receive your IMBRA approval notification. Inside this email, please let us know when you plan on travelling.

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